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Information Concerning the Use of this Website
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Liability Disclaimer
Oliver Scheib & Partner Limited makes every effort to ensure that the contents of this website are current and integral at all times. The contents of this website will be checked at irregular intervals. However, the information contained on it may be subject to prompt change. The company's and its employees' electronic mailboxes serve for exchanging information. For reason of your own security, we are not able to process orders or specifically handle projects over these channels. Oliver Scheib & Partner Limited reserves the right to supplement, modify, delete or no longer publish any of the terms and conditions of access, information and other representations, and links or messages without previous disclosure or declaration to the user. The information on this website does not take the form of advice for making legal, tax or other business decisions, nor should business be carried out or other decisions be made on the basis of it. The services presented here may be subject to limitation in certain countries. Planning performed using this data takes place at the sole risk of the user. Oliver Scheib & Partner Limited accepts no liability for losses or damages of any kind. Oliver Scheib & Partner Limited takes no responsibility and provides no guarantee that the functions of this website will not be subject to disruption or are free of error, that errors will be corrected or that the website or the respective server are virus-free or free of other damaging components.

Data Security/Privacy Declaration
Protecting your sphere of privacy when processing your personal data is an important issue at our company. This is something that we bear in mind at all times when doing business. We process personal data recorded when you visit our website in accordance with the data protection laws of the state in which the authority responsible for data processing is located. The Oliver Scheib & Partner Limited website may contain links to other websites to which this Data Protection/privacy Declaration does not apply. Communications with our company are not secured by encryption. Oliver Scheib & Partner Limited will inform you in writing about whether and what personal information we have saved on you.

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