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Independent and personal consulting is just as much part of our understanding of our professional principles as are innovative, international business ideas and successful investment strategies.

The objective of our business it to represent the interests of our clients in the best possible manner and become actively involved in their commercial and personal success.

We are a dynamic company for dynamic partners who are prepared to take their future in their own hands.

Presence and Close Client Relations
Our historical base is the South West of Germany. The company has its registered offices in Gibraltar. Thanks to its tax system, Gibraltar is an efficient, cost-effective and flexible business centre, which maintains discretion and confidentiality and imposes no control regulations on foreign exchange operations.

Our company is proud of the fact that it has founded a network which places independent consultants and associates at the service of our clients.

The opportunities provided by modern communication and excellent transport links allow us to ensure our presence and guarantee close client relations.


Oliver Scheib

Oliver Scheib
Born at 13.05.1966 in Stuttgart.

Quality assurance and quality management MAHLE Group Stuttgart.

Job Experience
Company member and CEO of

  • Telecommunications company,
  • International trade company,
  • Financial services company,
  • Business consultancy,
  • International consultancy.

Oliver Scheib
Suite 6, Watergardens 4 – Gibraltar
Phone:   +350 200 7 85 69
Telefax: +350 200 7 65 73

Professional Principles

§ 1 Preamble
The following basic principles determine the professional understanding of our company in its relationship to its clients, interested parties, cooperative associates, associations and the public.

§ 2 Introduction and Compliance
The company freely obliges to comply with the basic principles and subjugates itself to a court of honour or arbitration in all matters of dispute. The basic principles will be made known to all cooperative associates in a suitable form who will be asked to comply with them.

§ 3 Tangible Expertise
The company only accepts projects for which the necessary skills, experience and cooperative associates can be resourced to complete them. Equally, the company sources solutions that represent the state-of-the-art in the respective science, development in the sector in question and needs of the clients in the best manner. The company makes every effort to continuously improve its knowledge, skills and process techniques and gives its clients unlimited access to the benefits of these improvements.

§ 4 Seriousness and Efficiency
The company only recommends its services if it can expect its work to provide benefits to its clients. It proposes realistic performance, deadline and cost estimates and attempts to keep within them. Equally, it does not just perform a job of analysis or draft recommendations, but contributes to implementing the proposals and continues cooperating with the client until he can perform these tasks without the further support of the company. The company is aware that, besides tangible solutions, human relations are also of key significance. It attempts to establish harmonious relations with its clients at all times.

§ 5 Incompatible Activities
Accepting commissions to perform activities that endanger professional obligations and the minimum standards of ethical professional action remain incompatible with performing our profession.

§ 6 Objectivity, Neutrality and Autonomy
The company acts wholly autonomously when performing its work and accepts no limitations in independency vis-à-vis the expectations of third-parties. The company provides objective consultancy services and also speaks openly about disconcerting issues. It is equally obliged to be neutral towards cooperative associates who provide their services for effecting project activities.

§ 7 Fair Competition
With the exception of planning and issuing proposals, the company provides neither unpaid services nor services in the form of samples. It respects other parties' intellectual copyright to proposals, concepts and publications and only uses such material if able to quote the source. When the tangible need exists, the company only recommends cooperative associates whose standards of service are known and recognised. For cooperations, where balancing out capacities is not concerned, the company exposes the type and extent of the cooperation and the person responsible to the client to the full extent.

§ 8 Appropriate Fees
The company charges fees that correctly reflect the type and extent of the work performed, which have been resolved with the client prior to work on the project beginning. The company only makes fixed fee proposals for projects where the extent of the project can be defined, and where the extent and degree of difficulty of the problems to be solved have been worked out precisely and in a manner transparent and binding to both contracting parties following pre-studies subject to charge. The company drafts its proposals in such a manner that the client knows what miscellaneous costs will be charged for besides the fee.

§ 9 Serious Advertising
The company obliges to act seriously in all matters relating to advertising and acquisition and to present its qualifications with sole reference to its capabilities and experience. We do not send out reference letters. In describing its skills and capabilities, the company only promotes the present state of affairs, and does not announce any spectacular plans for the future.

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